Plast-Chem is a production, trade and services company. Our range of products includes plastic products, i.e.: pipes, profiles, tanks, industrial apparatuses, collectors, etc. We also render services related to construction and installation of plastic pipelines and apparatuses, and their later servicing.

A production technology of our products is based on lamination processes, i.e., mixing specific resins with fibreglass of various types, selected depending on media temperature, density and aggressiveness. Pipes and profiles offered by us are manufactured in accordance with the standard DIN 16965 for pipes and DIN 16966 for profiles.

We manufacture our products taking into consideration all requests of our customers. Each of our products is carefully inspected. For production of TWS products we use only materials of renowned companies from reliable suppliers, having quality certificates. Production in our company meets the requirements of European standards, and detailed quality inspection during the technological process and of finished products guarantees many years of failure-free operation of our products. Careful selection of materials and production executed by well-qualified personnel ensure continuous high quality and repeatability of parameters of our products.

Our products are characterised by:

  • high chemical resistance,
  • lack of corrosion,
  • high temperature resistance depending on material used,
  • meeting all customer requirements in terms of dimensions,
  • relatively low weight,
  • hydraulically smooth surface,
  • long period of problem-free operation,
  • zero costs of maintenance,
  • acceptable price,
  • high resistance to UV radiation,
  • easiness and low costs of possible repairs,
  • no need to use additional protective coating,
  • very good appearance,
  • short execution period (from 1 to 5 weeks).

Our history:

  • our experience in the lamination industry reaches back to the year 2000,
  • in 2005 in Osielsk near Bydgoszcz we established the company Plast-Chem,
  • in the years 2006-2009 we operated in Bydgoszcz,
  • in July 2009 we relocated our production to our own larger facilities in Białe Błota near Bydgoszcz.

Our activities:

  • execution of turn-key projects for industrial pipelines installations (design, delivery, installation),
  • production of pipes and profiles (diameter range from DN15 to DN1400),
  • execution and overhaul of sprinkler branches,
  • production of tanks, apparatuses, separators and collectors,
  • production of flanges from laminate,
  • production of chemically resistant layers,
  • equipment for Installations for Flue Gas De-sulphurisation,
  • services of repairs for plastic and steel casings, and sections of pipelines
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