Products offered by us are widely used in many industries:     


Chemical industry

  • in highly corrosive environments
  • in sewage drains
  • in pollution treatment processes
  • in water treatment plants. .


Metallurgical industry

  • installations for etching, degreasing, rinsing,
  • water treatment plants
  • installations for gas removal and neutralisation.


Environmental protection

  • pipelines for transport of limestone suspension
  • flue gas de-sulphurisation plants
  • water cooling installations.


Enviromental protection

  • absorbers (sprinkler branches),
  • flue gas de-sulphurisation plants.

Materials used

1. Laminates (plastics reinforced with fibreglass)

Our leading products are products made of laminate, mainly pressure pipelines. The manufactured diameters range from DN 25 to DN 1400. Those pipelines are intended for almost all media. Temperatures in which the TWS pipelines can operate range from 0º do + 155º C and depend mainly on the type of resin used. Detailed dimensions and construction of each pipe and profile (type B, D, E) can be found in our catalogue.

2. Thermoplastics

Thermoplastics are quite widely used in the industry due to their high chemical resistance. Their main disadvantage is their low resistance to higher temperatures and high heat expansion. Well-known and widely used in the industry thermoplastics include:

  • polyethylene PE
  • polypropylene PP
  • polyvinyl chloride PVC.
Disadvantages of thermoplastics:
  • low thermal resistance
  • high elasticity requiring use of more supports in comparison to laminates
  • high expansion requiring pipeline self-compensation.
Advantages of thermoplastics:
  • high chemical resistance
  • low price in case of small diameters.

3. Combined plastics

This is a group of materials consisting of an internal chemically resistant layer of thermoplastic and an external layer of laminate. They combine high chemical resistance of thermoplastics with very good mechanical properties of laminates. The advantage of the combined plastics is lower pipeline weight comparing to thermoplastics and lower heat extension that is comparable with laminates, that is, about 3 times lower than for thermoplastics.

Pipelines manufactured by our company replace:
  • cast iron pipelines
  • rubber-lined steel pipelines
  • stainless steel and acid resistant steel pipelines.
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